Manifestation outside the court, solidarity with the people who resisted the A.S.S. Eviction! [Amsterdam]

Stand with the people who resisted the eviction of the Waldeck Pyrmontlaan!
Come to the court case on the 14th, 13:00 at Parnassusweg 280 in Amsterdam. The court case starts at 14:00.

The 7 people who got arrested at the eviction will stand trial in court on this date. They are being charged with squatting and breaching domestic peace.

A.S.S. Squatted this building for the need for housing and a social place where we can act without the restrictions put on to us by the state. We resist because fighting back is necessary to overcome state repression.
When our actions are met with repression, repression must be met with more action.

No house
No peace
Fuck the judges, the courts, and the police.

We ask people to stand in solidarity with the prosecuted. Come to the court case! We will have a manifestation outside. Let’s show our comrades they are not alone.