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Waldeck Pyrmontlaan resquatted!

3 days ago we re-squatted the building on the Waldeck Pyrmontlaan in Amsterdam. Today we announce it publicly. We have been living here again since last Thursday. Today 3 buildings have been re-squatted. We stand in solidarity with our comrades from Elektra Flinta who re-squatted a building in Utrecht and our comrades from the Anarcha Feminist Group Amsterdam who re-squatted the squat in Amstelveen [1]. This action is a response to the evictions done by the police and to create a broader housing struggle. In the past we stated the importance of creating a culture of resistance, today we show that repression will be met with a collective response. For every eviction, new places will be squatted, evictions will be resisted.
The owner showed that he does not need the building and is unable to properly take care of it, as all the windows were left open after the last evictions and most of our stuff is still inside. Clearly, the owner has no plans with the place but to let it rot. We defy his idea of a mansion near Vondelpark with a basement swimming pool, while we are forced into precarious and dangerous housing situations.
Today there was a women’s march in Amsterdam, as a lead up to international women’s day. Flinta people have been on the front line of the housing struggle. Always, but especially in situations of crisis, it is already marginalized groups that suffer the most. Flinta people of colour fleeing Ukraine because of the war have to deal with racism and sexism on top of everything else. Lacking a safe space to live means many flinta people are forced to stay in dangerous situations, not being able to leave abusive parents or partners. International women’s day has a radical history, let’s reclaim it. Today we stand in solidarity with Flinta people fighting capitalism, fascism and the state everywhere.
Squat the rich!
For every eviction, 3 new squats!
For the rest of our statement we refer to our old statement of the first time we squatted this building; https://www.indymedia.nl/node/51321
[1]: https://nl.squat.net/2022/02/18/amstelveen-laatste-kraakpand-ontruimd/